Sunday 26 April 2015

It is a limited Earth that we inherit from our Children

The World has always been a fascinating place with its mysteries yet to be unfolded; why things happen the way we see it, how did we reach here and where are we heading to? My casual interest and inquisitiveness  took the shape of serious inquiry, study and over time made me discover an interest in Sustainability, Green technologies, environmental issues, policies and initiatives by the world communities.

“Sustainability” is essentially just a euphemism for “survival.” In plain  English, when our situation is “unsustainable,” that means that we must "change or die".  

What is it that the human race must change, in order to survive? This is an answer that we all seek. 

I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to work closely with people and places at remote areas, travel and study widely across the World as part of my 23 years in the Army Engineers and then more than 7 years with the leading Green Energy companies. I have developed a close understanding of the issues and complexities related to environment and green technologies specially in Solar and Wind energy. My education at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Cranfield University in UK helped me greatly to expand my horizon, meeting new people from diverse culture and backgrounds. 

This series of posts is aimed to share my insights into this interesting and fascinating World of Sustainability with you and encourage you to participate in this revolution (in fact we have no choice). I want you all to join me in these discussions and debates on what we are doing, what we should be doing so that we can save the Earth for our Children and Grandchildren. 

Did we know that if everybody in China and India start imitating the lifestyle of Western World, we would need at least 5 such Earths. But we have only One. What is the answer to this dilemma, Does USA reduce its quality of life or India and China strangle its aspiration to a better lifestyle for its people? 

The World is not in compartments and events in one part have consequences in other. Geographical boundaries are artificial in nature. These are the questions  we will address in this series.

 We are estimated to have fossil fuels reserves of approx 1300 Billion Barrels. We are today consuming them @ 80 million barrels per day.  If we consume petroleum products at the pace we are doing today we will run out of known sources of petrol and diesel in next 40 years and gas in 60 years. Imagine a world without cars and aeroplanes. Do we go back to the days of sail ships, bicycles, horsebacks, bullock carts? Well if we continue at this pace, that day is not too far.   

Is it surprising that the human race in the last 40 years has consumed more resources than in the last 10000 years of evolution?  Well it's time to bring a change.

Together We can save the Earth...

Till we meet next week...



  1. Excellent start of an extremely relevant but frequently ignored matter of serious concern, affecting all of the inhabitants of this planet irrespective of degree of their awareness.

    Razi Khan

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  3. Very relevant. More so, since the term 'sustainable development' is frequently used as a cliche than in its real sense.