Sunday 3 May 2015

The One Degree Effect - Peep Into Global Warming

Isn't it surprising that 11 of the warmest years in the history of mankind have occured in the last 12 years.  The ecology of earth is so sensitive that a small 1 degree change in the average atomospheric temperature can have cataclysmic impact on the survival of the mankind and Earth that we are used to live in.

The average temperature rise has been 4 times faster in the last 25 years. No wonder that so much debate is being centered on climate change.  The impact is clearly visible, 
we have seen lakes disappears, glaciers vanishing, the weather pattern changing, disasters all over the World.  Look at the aerial photos of Lake Chad in Africa. 

Haven't we been having rains as if monsoons are on us when we should have bright sunlight for the crop to ripen and vice versa.

Lets look at what we call "The 1 degree Effect".  What looks as such a small change to us is huge considering that it an average temperature we are talking about. 

We are observing these changes around us for last few years. 


It is not that Global temperatures have not varied over the million of years. It has. The chart below shows these swings since 2500 BC and you can see as to how a small change of 1 degree takes the Earth to Ice ages or Hot Oven. 

In the next post we will see the phenomenon called the Green house effect which helps to maintain the temperature of the earth around 57 Deg F. 

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